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Flat Tire and Road Mitigation Problem Message

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To make long story short I got a flat today (Rear Left) and replacing the flat with donut was a horrendous experience since I had two crated dogs in cargo and one needs pretty much pull out everything from cargo to get at the spare donut tire and all is needed to swap it. I miss my old highlander which had full size spare under the car.

Regardless, right after installing donut, I started seeing all warning messages about TPS and brake system related which I figured was due to donut tire being on.

So I drove around 50 miles (no driving issues), got the flat fixed and put it back on.

The TPS messages disappeared since the full size is back on and fine. I am still seeing the "Road Mitigation Departure Problem" and Brake System orange icon.

How do I make it go away ? Is it going go away on its own after X days/miles/restarts ? Anyone knows ?
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Unless the system is broken it probbaly just needs a couple of drives to relearn everything.
thanks. At some point the warning and light have disappeared. So you are correct. Breathing easier as the factory warranty lapsed 3 weeks ago.
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