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Factory Roof Rails, Dynamic Weight and a Cargo Box (or RTT)

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Hi All. I am looking to put a cargo box on the roof. After doing some research I came across a few pretty cool roof top tents that doubled as cargo box or provides crossbars on top to mount a cargo box. For our use case the RTT idea is at least worth looking into... I am a bit confused about the practicality of RTTs because they weigh so much. It seems to render the roof useless...

Tepui has a model that they advertise as cargo box in addition to a tent Tepui Hybox. The unit itself weight 150lbs which only leaves 15lb of cargo weight if using the factory rails.

Roofnest has a similar product Roofnest Sandpiper. The unit weighs 140lb and they advertise with the tent closed it can support mounted gear up to 100lbs.

So my questions are:

1. The factory rails only support 165lb, what are other options if I wanted to support 250lbs of dynamic weight?
2. Has anyone removed the factory rails and replaced them with other hardware?
3. What is the most weight that the passport roof can support (static and dynamic)?
4. What is the maximum dynamic weight that will not compromise the safety (roll risk) when driving at highway speeds 90 MPH.
5. Does anyone have any other suggestions or want to share their roof setups regarding cargo boxes, aftermarket rails, or RTTs?
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