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We had a 1998 4Runner for 17 years (my wife's daily driver) and sold it at 217k miles (still ran fine), so I am right there with you with Toyota. However, the 4.0 6cyl engine mated with the 6-speed transmission in the current 4Runners has NOT been changed in something like 8-10 years! It gets HORRIBLE gas mileage (17/20) and even though it has had a number of minor "refreshes" it does not have anywhere near the features of other Toyotas (Rav4 & Highlander) or the Passport. The redesign could be simple, if they used the current Tacoma frame/engine/body, but so far there are ONLY rumors and wishes that a new one is forthcoming. From what I have seen with the Ridgeline & Pilot and from what they have announced about the Passport, it seems like it is the perfect alternative to a 4Runner and may provide the push to get Toyota serious about a redesign, but I can't and won't wait...
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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