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Error messag

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I just bought a new 2022 passport. The other day after backing up the infotainment screen turned orange and said object detected on the passenger back side. There were no objects. It stayed on so I pulled over and turned the car off. It didn't come back on. Any suggestions???
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Was that an error message or a warning message? The Passport has cross traffic monitors (radar) under both sides of the rear bumper, if you are backing out between two vehicles or obstacles blocking your view of traffic coming from either side, the sensors will warn you if something mid to large size out of your vision range is approaching the same space you are backing into.
The sensors may sometimes pick up interference from other radar sensors and they may detect vehicles/objects that should not trigger the Cross Traffic warning, if you are getting repeated false positive triggers, take your car to the dealer and request to recalibrate the Cross Traffic sensors.
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