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Elite in NC

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Hi All -
I purchased my Passport in February but just found this forum. I was the first to purchase at my dealer and have been waiting for this vehicle (emotionally that is) since I first heard that Honda was coming out with a 5 passenger Pilot in Sept. 2018. I got 6500 miles on it so far and the oil sensor says I am at 50% oil life. Gotta love it.
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I’m in Salisbury and just purchased my Elite AWD in crystal black pearl on August 15, 2019. Just clipped 1051 mikes after vacating in Tennessee.
The dealership told me that this vehicle sat in the showroom for months without selling, they said due to cost. I wasn’t successful in “dealing” with a price at time if purchase but I’m not good at those things anyway. Besides, after all the trouble I’d had with my 2019 Odyssey, the dealership is still working with me to get this black beauty accessorized in similar fashion to how my Odyssey was.
I’m having illuminated door sills, side and tailgate welcome lighting installed on Tuesday.
My Passport already has roof rails, crossbars, tow hitch with wiring harness, due cast running boards, cargo mat in rear, and all weather floor mats. Although I’d appreciate the clear door and rear protection package, it isn’t there. Yet. I also requested ATF cooler but after reviewing the paperwork and specifications for what I’d be towing, it wasn’t worth it - at this point.
My only issue is the car has pulled to the right since my test drive and they tell me it’s a calibration issue with the electronic steering on the passenger side. It is more work to drive than it should be after coming from the Odyssey which was so easy to navigate.
My Passport handles the mountains without issue and rode with great comfort. It seems to be a perfect vehicle for me and my family.
I did I stall a “chip” and a VCM muzzler 2 to reduce the VCM issues.
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