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Edmunds Road Test 7/13/2019 Chevy Blazer vs Honda Passport... Honda #1!

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Youtube Blazer vs. Passport

Good review! Passport is far and away the better vehicle!
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I'm in Michigan visiting my daughter for Easter. Its Chevy country here. Blazers everywhere, I mean everywhere. Not many Hondas or Toyotas. Roads are poor here not in terms of potholes but wavy and uneven.
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I really like the way the Blazer looks in the sporty trim with the big black wheels but aside from that it is an extraordinarily bland and generic vehicle, typical GM.
Old review. I don't know how many Blazers they've sold since 2019 but I don't see many at all. I'd wager that it kind of flopped, at least around here. I see tons of Jeeps and as for Chevy SUVs I see many more trailblazers around which are 3 cyl disposables IMO. I see more Equinox than any other Chevy SUV. Trailblazers probably outnumber blazers 5-1. I look at the newer trailblazers as a trax with a nicer looking body. I too live in Chevy 'country' at the moment. On this side of the city it seems there are a lot of people (likely sons and daughters of contractors) who aspire to drive Silverados when they grow up. The east-side of the city where I grew up is where they aspire to drive a Mercedes. Is anyone else's city like that? Maybe it's like that everywhere or maybe this east-side vs west-sider stuff is only a rust belt thing. If someone forced me to buy a Chevy I guess a Tahoe might be decent, the newer ones have an air suspension option. Way overpriced though IMO.
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