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Edit: changing the lights under running boards

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Hi everyone
So I just realized my car comes with the lighting under the running boards. Dealership said it didn't have it.. so my luck! 馃榿
Well is there a way to change those bulbs? I'm looking for more of a white led lighting
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Thanks in advance
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How do I know if mine has lights?? Can I see them from underneath?
How do I know if mine has lights?? Can I see them from underneath?
They should come on when you open your door at night. Also comes on when push the unlock button on your key fob
There is a particular set of running boards Honda has as a aftermarket accessory that has the lights built in. SO the salesman didn't know what accessories they put on your PP. Part# 08L33-TGS-100E for my 21. In general, if you don't have running boards you could do side welcome lights 08V27-TG7-100 .

But to answer you're question more directly, I believe they are sealed capsules, could be wrong, but worth taking a peek underneath if you haven't already. Depending on your trim level you could get real frisky and put the Tailgate welcome lights on as well part# 08V27-TGS-100A . Again these part numbers are for my 21 PP, they may change for a different year.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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