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Easily removable roof rack cross bars

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Hi all, two questions:
1 Is it strongly recommended to use cross bars with a Thule roof bag? It would hold lighter camping gear like sleeping bags, pads, mattresses.
2 Are there cross bars for a 2022 that are easily installed and removed? I don't like the idea of keeping them on all the time for the drag and noise. The dealership can install Honda bars for like $400 but I'm not sure I'll be able to put them on and off myself.
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I just added the Honda crossbars to my ‘22 (which had the rails already) and then headed out on the highway for a quick trip.
- zero extra noise with them installed
- I used the Honda marked points for positioning

All this and got the best gas mileage I’ve seen on the ride. They are far set far back…and the airflow from the windshield goes right over them.
I don’t have any plans to move them, or take them on and off. Figure I’d scratch something taking everything on and off, or would wear out the clips which hold down the end of the rails. Not worth it in any case…so they stay.
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