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I've had my 22 PPTS for 2 weeks & I've been messing with her. To date I have: Swapped all stock door speakers to Infinity Reference.
The sub was swapped to a Polk Audio.
All interior bulbs have been swapped to led.
The rear emblem was swapped for a black one.
Lamin-x yellow film for my foglights (had to modify another kit).
Front windows tinted (legally).
Added a cargo cover.
Ceramic coated body & wheels.
eTrailer hitch & adapter for my 1 1/4 Kuat.
Sound deadening in a few spots.
Upcoming by this weekend hopefully:
Hardwired radar, rearview mirror radar mount, adding a single 10in sub, amp, & LC2i (just laying in the garage) or at least install power cables this weekend, tweeter swap, & possibly a custom exhaust.
Future updates: crossbars, wheels & tires (paint calipers), wrapping the door moldings, maybe a lift. Wish: enough go fast to actually get it to 300hp.
I'll takes some pics soon. I have a tendency to not photo as I upgrade.
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