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I doubt the OP will be driving the vehicle to the limits in Florida!
In Florida, 2WD is more than adequate.

Can you even drive 70 for more than a few miles on the freeway without having to panic brake? When I was there, you couldn't, no matter what part of the state you're in.
Things to remember about AWD;
AWD will cost more for gasoline and any tire defect after the tires age a bit, results in a 4 tire purchase. You can't just buy one new tire with 3 old tires with AWD.
I live in Michigan where winters are long and Icy, horribly tough like the roads/pot holes. AWD here is more important but not 100% necessary. A good set of Winter tires here will really get you by fine. If you're not sure you need it, then you probably don't! Words of advise.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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