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Thought I would pass on my favorite black plastic restorer and thought people might like to pass some of their detailing favorites.

I use Griots Black Trim Restorer, I first used it on my Element and was blown away at the difference. Not only is it a great product but application is easy and lasts about 6 months, the bottle is only 8oz but it doesnt take much. I’ve found Griots products to be top notch and being from the PNW I like to support them.

Anyone from the PNW the Lemay car Museum is showing Reclaimed Rust The James Hetfield (Metallica) custom hot rods until January ‘23

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Good tip, thanks!
I've never tried the Griot's products but have heard lots of good reviews on them. I've used Nu Vinyl protectant on all my plastic & vinyl trim for the past 2-3 decades. I've tried a couple of other products but always come back to this.
Been using Griots products for a decade or so now and love the performance. I have not tried the Black Shine but will give it a go soon! Thanks for sharing.
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I've used Turtlewax Trim restorer with great results. It did a GREAT job restoring the inner fairing of a 2004 Harley Road Glide (plastic) and some other plastic and rubber bits on the bike and in my cars.

It can be kind of a pain though - it has the consistency of thick pancake syrup and is best applied in the sun (for heat), then has to sit a while to soak in (the longer the better).
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