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Yesterday I went to the dealership for a oil change. I was waiting in the lounge and decided to go down to the car floor to check out the prices. They have raised the price on all their vehicles. The passport elite was raised by 15 hundred dollars at 47,999.00 I paid 43 thousand for mine 4 months ago. All their hybrid cars were also raised. I guess with the shortest of chips their taking advantage of it. They also sent a letter to my brother who owns a 2010 pilot offering him 10 thousand for it. I guess the prices of used cars have jumped as well.
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One reason I am so glad that my dealer has a huge lot with a large service center on the opposite side of town from their second service center that is just a couple of miles away. The service center on my side of town is just that, no sales lot, so I don't have to worry about sticker shock with new or used vehicles these days.
Has anyone noticed the cost of food? You pay it here you pay it there.
True, so true, but here in a slightly different way. After Covid the local butcher at the Mega Mart was selling either T-bone steaks, NY Strip steaks, KC Strip Steaks or Ribeye for $6.99 a pound. Always USDA Choice beef. Each week it was a different cut at that price. This went on for 9 or 10 months if not longer.

Their pre covid prices for the same cuts were in the $14-$17 a pound range. We stocked up as we have a vacuum sealer and extra freezer space.

This last week the NY Strip steaks were on sale for $9.99 a pound,
I despise dealerships. Only go to them to buy a new vehicle or have them fix significant recalls.
I’m dealing with them today 6.5 hours later for a 1.5 hour fix.

But if you don’t understand where I’m coming from with the increased MSRP, nevermind.
Hopefully Oregon will have better dealerships than what CA apparently does.
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