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Dealer review

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I can’t stand how the service advisor will say to about giving them 5’s. I just got the survey and I’m not sure how to handle it. My lasting service visit was really bad and there is no way I could give them a 5. They are incompetent and I won’t be going back to them. I do feel that the service advisor was between a rock and a hard place. I felt like she tried, but their techs were just bad and the problem was over there head.
How should I handle this? Do I give them my honest review which won’t be 5’s or do I just not do the survey. I really don’t want to be mean, but the service was horrendous.
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Whether I have a problem or not, I’ll complete a survey with honest feedback. But, if I have no problem with a service, but am coached that anything less than perfect scores is a failure, then I won’t do the survey. They’re just looking for praise, not feedback, and that’s not worth my time.
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