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Dead Battery

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2019 EX-L, approx. 30k miles

Posting because I feel like there's something I don't understand about push button ignition / auto shut off / auto locking.

The other day I turned on accessory mode to get the mileage. I believe I forgot to turn it off before exiting. The car made the rapid beep sound but honestly more times than not, it does this instead of the double beep when it successfully locks. We think nothing of it.

When I've been sitting in the car listening to music, it shuts off automatically after 10 minutes.

Wife went out later to use the car but it was dead. Yesterday I went out to possibly jump it and it was doing all kinds of weird electronics blinking / flashing. The DRL lights stayed on even though light stalk was set to Off. Did not feel comfy trying to jump it.

Last night read about the batteries going bad around 30k.

Am I missing something with the auto off / auto locking, etc...?

Possibly just the battery at the end of its life?

Appreciate any input.

Yes, I do read the manual but don't recall anything to this effect.
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I think with these new cars trying to squeeze out everybody of MPG, the smart charging systems they put in them can sometimes fail to keep the battery charged.
When I got mine, I had it on a battery tender every night for 5 nights straight for it to be fully charged, and that is with auto start stop turned off.
It's very possible that the battery was never fully charged and not fully charged battery overtime can start to sulfate the lead plates and its irreversible.
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We connect all our Hondas, including generators, to CTEK MUS maintainers on a weekly rotation schedule.
This includes Lithium, AGM and SLA batteries
Typically our batteries in Hondas last 4 years independent of miles on odometer.
We also test each every quarter and keep a log of SOH, SOC and RES values
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This is small and works! NOCO GB40.
Input device Gadget Audio equipment Font Eyewear
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Well I can't speak to what your specific issue might have been, only that it has happened to me as well: fiddling around with the vehicle with some of the electronics on, probably longer than it seemed, came back later to a dead or weak battery. Now I put it on a trickle charger any time after I've done such work, and I do carry one of the those portable battery jumpers like the NOCO "just in case." I haven't had an issue since. Apparently this isn't uncommon with some of these newer electronic-laden vehicles (based on what others have said in some of the threads on this topic here).
I have to charge ours twice a month. These cars never rest. Always something drawing on the battery while it's parked.
Yes, Honda did a full diagnostic check on it and installed a new battery just because I whined. Evidently the battery they removed was just fine.
They found nothing wrong with the car. Evidently, having a car that doesn't start, is normal these days.

We used to camp, deep in the boonies a couple nights in our FJ and even our Jeep. Listening to tunes, using dome lights, charging phones, etc.. They always started.
Going to have to get a good booster pack before even thinking about doing that in the Honda.
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