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Dashboard Temperature Reading Incorrect

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My temperature display is stuck on 61F, but the ambient temp is at least 85F. Has anyone else seen incorrect readings. Any idea where the sensor is located and/or how to reset?

The calibration setting (Adjust Outside Temp Display) of +/- 5 degrees is not going to help ... :unsure:
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It's behind the right side of the grille, looks like a small enclosure protects it.
2019 Honda Passport 5 Door TRG (AWD) KA 9AT > Body / Air Conditioning > A/C Sensor
#3, Sensor Assy., Ambient
If you had to access it, it would probably involve taking off the front bulkhead cover.

Has it always read 61, or just recently?
If it was ok initially, then it could have failed. Warranty time.
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