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Dash/steering wheel audio controls locked up

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When I started my vehicle today even though my radio and controls were working fine on my touchscreen display, my steering wheel audio controls to changed channel would not work. I went to the main menu on my dash display and it no longer showed XM or FM radio on the list. When I went to dash display settings it showed a lock icon for XM and FM radio and showed "audio system off". I remembered that yesterday I had turned off my radio system by depressing the knob on the touchscreen, so it seems like after I pressed the knob again it turned on the touchscreen controls but my dash display thought it was still turned off. Hope that all makes sense.... Anyway after turning off and on the car several times throughout my trip today it must have reset itself as it is now back to normal. I am going in for my first oil change this week, think I should mention it or wait until it happens again?
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