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Dash cameras

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I am considering the for my 2019 Passport. What Dash Cams do you have? And Did any of them interfer with your bumper to bumper warranty?
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I bought the Garmin mini and have not yet recorded anything that mattered yet. The on board Wifi is painfully slow for downloading video, but does work (usually) It does seem a little finicky for connecting some times. I would give it a minute or two before you try and connect after turning the car on, this seems to help. Not having a screen is not an issue as I don't miss it. If I had one with it before I might miss each their own. It would be much faster to take the card out and swap in a new one to save videos for later. The video quality is good, but I'm sure there is better on other models. The price at $120 when I bought (on sale) was good. I only have it out front right now, but may buy a second one for the rear. Installation was easy (next to the left side of the Honda camera housing) behind the mirror, so it's nearly invisible. Power wire snaked behind B pillar trim and rubber by door/window, behind the glove box and out to the power source lighter plug.
I bought as multi pack of these SD Cards and they seem to work okay. Not an endorsement, just an observation. Choose your own supplier.

And this was what I bought. I may switch to a more featured one in the future. I wanted into the environment with something I felt I could trust to get started.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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