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Alex on Autos did a good review on the the issues about this non Honda 9 speed. He also said
you can still opt for the better Shifting Honda made 6-speed on the 3 lower trims of the Pilot.
That Pilot is 100% Honda and will do well in your Denver traffic. You should give it a try.
Even though the engine lacks a timing chain, it's still has plenty of power. It seems like the only
issue here, is the part of the car that is not Honda made.
BrettP, your "non Honda" shtick is getting old. You do realize a lot of Pilot, CRV, Passport, Civic parts are not made by Honda? Maybe you should start complaining about the infotainment quality. Honda has Enkei make a lot of their wheels. They have to farm out part production to multiple different companies like all major auto manufacturers.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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