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Curt hitch alignment?

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I installed a curt 13421 I purchased on Amazon. It bolted on cleanly and without issue. However to my mk1 eye ball it isn't aligned with the centerline of the vehicle. Put a bike rack on to be sure and it's definitely off. The receiver is angled by 1.5-2 degrees to the passenger side. Before I claim warranty with Curt has anyone else encountered this?
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Hello. I'm new to the forum, just got a Honda Pilot. Mainly got it to replace a Toyota Tundra which was overkill for our new trailer. Regarding Curt Anti-Sway Hitche - I bought one, as well as the ready-to-go ball assembly (big and small). I have decided to go with a different hitch system so will sell these unused. Is there a place to post that in the forums?
Welcome to the forum. But did you mean you just got a Honda Passport?
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