Coverking Poly-Cotton seat covers. Would like $125 for them.

Selling these custom Seat covers. I bought them in July 2021 for $199.00 + tax, then I moved from SoCal in September 2021 and haven’t used them. I did wash them in cold water and line dried before putting on because they smelled and no shrinkage. They’ve been stored in a clean Rubbermaid storage bin since September 2021 so I can always feel the seat warmers here in The PNW 🥶. They are a soft cotton and durable material, and work great to keep your legs from sticking to the leather seats in hot and humid summers, (those days are over for me)!

The kit includes 2 of each: seat covers, headrest covers (only one headrest in photo as I had to order the second one that was missing) and arm covers for Passport Elite, dual powered seats. There is a difference in the cut for power vs non power seats.

The color is black, but looks more like the dark gray of our interior. The photo looks lighter than they are. Non-Smoking, no pets, no kids passport driver here!

Will shop with a prepaid shipping label, USPS, FedEx or UPS.
They way about 15lbs?

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