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Coupon for half off shipping, at BKHONDAPARTS dot COM

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I don't know when it will expire, but I just bought a trailer hitch ($21 shipping) using the BKP50 coupon.
BK Honda is in N.E. Illinois.

your cart by using coupon code BKP50 at checkout.
Have questions or need assistance? Give us a call at 877-674-5525. Ask for Danny and he will help you with any questions you may have.

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I just ordered some items from BKHondaparts dot com. Compared their prices with some of the other options shown in post #5 and BK was less expensive and had lower shipping thanks to the coupon code which worked for me. They also did not charge sales tax on my order being shipped to Ohio. I was pleasantly surprised that their 3.1 transmission fluid ( $21.82) and DSPF II ($7.34) fluids were able to be shipped with the discount code. My shipping was only $11.38 plus a $3.95 handling fee. Total bill was right around $185.00

I got the 4 quarts of 3.1, 1 quart of DPSFII (already have 3 on hand but read it takes a little bit more for the exchange I will be doing shortly), some wiper refills for all three blades, some extra clips for under the hood (bulkhead) and air intake plastic tube pins. I also got the plastic sill protectors 08P04-TG7-100 which were at least $10.00 less than anywhere else.

At least one of the others in post 5 would not allow fluids to be shipped without full shipping costs for the fluids, even though I had over $75.00 worth of items. The fluids do not count towards the shipping discounts from them. Another one of them was trying to charge over $200.00 as "Hazardous Shipping Fees" if I included the fluids in the order!!!!
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Bernardi Honda has free shipping now. Not sure how their prices are compared to BK Honda.

Bernardi Parts
I found BK to be less cost for the items and a better cost on the shipping including the fluids as I mentioned. The Bernardi free shipping with $75.00 purchase did not count fluids towards the $75.00 limit and did not include free shipping for fluids.
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