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Confirmation on roof rack for certain accessories

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Hey everyone! Happy Labor Day weekend!

I wanted to float this plan by you just to confirm the PP can handle these.
So the plan or dream is a roof top tent, and a Slim Shady awning by Yakima.

I was looking at the Yakima Timberline rack, since that seems it can support the most weight. The cross bars is where I'm having some questions. I was originally looking at the Yakima HD cross bars, and they recommend 60" but I saw another poster here say the 60" leaves no overhang, which I would want for the awning.

So should I go with the 68" HD bars, which will only give me around 4" overhang (probably less).

I feel like 70" would be ideal, but they don't make HD bars in that size. So then I saw the JetStream bars come in 70", so I may go with them even though they aren't as strong.

Any thoughts on this set up? Anybody running a similar set up? 70" too big?

Thanks again!!
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