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My first car in high school was a hand me down ‘87 Civic sedan. I graduated to another hand me down ‘92 Civic hatch (my import racing machine). My first purchase ever was a first gen ‘03 SMM Element that I tugged my Waverunner around.

Next, my Toyota time. New ‘13 Tundra replaced the Element, the. Traded in for ‘12 Camry because gas in California was getting out of control plus I had my first kid!

Now I’m (We’re) back! Just took home a ‘21 MSM Passport Touring AWD yesterday! It’s like I never left! I love it! Thanks to me ghosting around the forum and @Jondz videos... I’m ready for mods!

Pics coming soon!

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Nice, welcome back Kotter, are you in So. Cal.?

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Welcome back!
When I have to get a rental for work, I can’t believe how much better our Honda’s drive!
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