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Cargo room with backseat down

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Hey everyone! I'm considering a Honda Passport, but I'd like to know the length of the cargo area from the back of the front seats to the tailgate. I'm 6'2" and sometimes sleep in my vehicle when I'm on long solo road trips, and I just want to know if I could comfortably sleep back there. I'm surprised I can't find the information online, I can't be the only one who does this sort of thing lol ?

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I haven’t measured it but one of my test during my car shopping was laying down in the back. I’m 5’9” and fit. At your height you would either need to pull the back seat all they way forward and fill in the canyon it creates, or make an extension. There’s a guy on YouTube that has his PP setup for over landing and he shows what he did. Essentially, a piece of plywood he secures to the passenger seat headrest with rope. I’ll post a link later if I can find the video.

Hope that link works. Believe he said he is 6’1”. Maybe it was another guy that posted the board mod. It’s just plywood with 2 holes in it. A rope is placed through each hole forming a loop secured by knots on the underside. Loop is measured so when resting on the edge of the back seat it is supported on the other side by putting the loop around the headrest metal bars. Hope that makes sense. Some good videos of the PP off-roading albeit with a lift and aftermarket wheel and tires.
I measured 66” from the rear lift gate to the edge of the top of the back seat when folded. That doesn’t include 2-3” for the headrest that stick up. I’m sure sliding the back seat toward the front by an inch or two wouldn’t be that noticeable. I think you would definitely need an extension. An easy one like a box in the rear seat floorboard or similar would be easy. Beer cooler with a few folded blankets on top.
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