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Cargo Cover/Splash Guards- WeatherTech or OEM

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Reaching out to hear thoughts on the WeatherTech cargo cover/splash guards versus the OEM ones. Already decided to get the WeatherTech floor cover...Hoping to pick up my new vehicle on July 3rd. Thank you very much for your replies to this posting.
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Hey Mrevets, welcome aboard! Am I correct in deciphering you鈥檙e a vet that enjoyed the fine cuisine packaged in a thick brown bag, compliments of Uncle Sam? 馃檪

Regarding your question, most people prefer the OEM cargo mat because it has a built in crease or groove that allows for easier opening of the under floor storage lid. Regarding splash guards, the OEM ones look very nice, blending in well for a nice factory look. Some like the WT鈥檚 for the greater coverage area. The key deciding factor is going to be the type of roads you ride on. For dirt/rocky roads, you鈥檒l get better protection from the WT鈥檚.

Click the link in my signature for photos of the OEM splash guards and other accessories.

How do you like your ceramic coating?
I like the coating a lot. Helps making cleaning very easy. Great gloss, no water spots, bird droppings and bug juice come off quite easily with a spray bottle filled with a mix of Optimum No Rinse Wash and Wax and distilled water, or your favorite car wash product. I鈥檝e washed it a few times and I haven鈥檛 noticed any scratches at all, or swirl marks. The nice thing is that when the vehicle is somewhat dirty and it rains, the rain washes the dirt off and dries nicely. Water rolls right off. It鈥檚 nice to come outside after a rain and see a fairly clean vehicle. But, it鈥檚 still early. Only have my Passport for a bit more than two months.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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