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Canada availability?

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I see Passports listed in Toronto as if they have them in stock. Confirmation?
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Congrats, I drove one a few days back for 45 minutes, highway and city. The transmission shifted well and I enjoyed the driving dynamics and especially great visibility. I expect it will be a while before we see discounts except for maybe on the installed accessories.
Could you share what size tires you installed with the winters?
Thanks everyone!

It is hard for me to discuss about price or discount, as we had a trade-in, down payment, and took some options (towing, wheel/tire, extended warranty, carpet). We negotiated on the monthly payments, so I don't know if the dealer actually gave us any discount, or a good value for the trade-in.

Bottom line is that I did some research about the market value of our current (previous) car, and came up with a budget based on that. We're actually paying less than what I budgeted, so we're pretty happy about it. :)

As for the tires, they are 245/60R18. I actually wanted 265/55R18, but couldn't find the wheels that would fit the tire size.
Thanks for your reply and enjoy your new car!
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I think your best bet was the 245/60r/18 and I would go with this size as well as it is certainly more common and also used on the lower level Pilots. Unsure if 20mm extra width would really help that much in the snow.
Enjoy your new ride!
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It is me or the Canadian touring trim seems to be a bargain as compared to the US Elite model? I compared the equipment on both trims and the only thing missing is the rear window shade curtains.

When the Passport got announced in the US I was mostly interested in the US touring trim, but was a bit disappointed that they merged the Elite with Touring in Canada.
Well, I bit the bullet and ordered a modern Steel Metallic Touring this week. It came of the assembly line yesterday. It will be starting it’s journey from Alabama to Ontario next week. I will be picking it up from the Dealers in a couple of weeks. The wait is on.
I pick up my Passport Touring tomorrow, it finally arrived at the Dealers. They are installing the 5,000lb trailer package today Tomorrow I will have my Modern Steel Metallic Touring in my driveway.
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