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call from dealer

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so I get a call from dealer today almost a month later.
saying we forgot to get you to sign a paper for your rebate
and we are getting audited tomorrow can you come and sign
or can we email and you sign and scan.
so I tell him send it over.
It says I took my rebate to lower my payments and if I pay
off loan in less then 8 months I would owe them blank no

so thats disturbing in two ways
one is I paid cash and have a copy of the bank draft.
another who in their right mind would sign anything with
with a $ sign in front of a blank $____
not me.

I think maybe I got too good of a deal and they are trying to scam
honda canada some how for another 2K
I aint signing anything
I have copy of the bank draft which matches invoice
and the ownership so not sure what they are trying to
Tempted to call honda canada.
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Now that’s some shady shit! ?
Dealers get a bad rap because of this type of stuff.

You said you paid cash, was that for the vehicle or deposit? If you paid cash for the vehicle, Did you get your title yet? If so, keep a photo of the title on your phone should a tow truck show up. And if not, get something in writing from Honda showing no lien or anything,

I remember a dealer doing something like this with my 1994 Civic, I had to return with some more money for the lease or they were going to take the car. I was so broke then that I had to starve for a bit to afford the extra money.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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