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call from dealer

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so I get a call from dealer today almost a month later.
saying we forgot to get you to sign a paper for your rebate
and we are getting audited tomorrow can you come and sign
or can we email and you sign and scan.
so I tell him send it over.
It says I took my rebate to lower my payments and if I pay
off loan in less then 8 months I would owe them blank no

so thats disturbing in two ways
one is I paid cash and have a copy of the bank draft.
another who in their right mind would sign anything with
with a $ sign in front of a blank $____
not me.

I think maybe I got too good of a deal and they are trying to scam
honda canada some how for another 2K
I aint signing anything
I have copy of the bank draft which matches invoice
and the ownership so not sure what they are trying to
Tempted to call honda canada.
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called honda make sure no lien,
she said they shouldnt be getting you to sign anything a month later.
I guess not.
would you sign a month later after paying
i wont be buying from here again

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i erased part of the vin and the dealers name.
I'm not too worried like I said I have the invoice, a copy of the bank draft
that matches the invoice and most importantly the ownership.
I called honda finance and only vehicle that they have under my name is the one
I traded and it is clear.

I got a good deal roughly 3800 off and tow package.
There was a 2000 honda incentive included in that.
they gave me a decent trade on my car.
I would of walked if it wasn't the deal i got.
but I didn't finance it did you read it?
basically says if the loan is paid off 8 months
i agree to pay whatever.
there is no loan period.
I owe $0 never did.
The incentive was a cash incentive and is on this
month as well.
You only get it if you pay cash.
exactly they can't do anything he said they
were getting audited tomorrow and needed the paper signed.
well they are going to fail the audit.
Not like honda didnt know it was on and its clear on the invoice.
if they need something signed I am getting snowies next week I
can read it and sign it then.
Yep. What he said.
huh, there is nothing to negotiate the deal is done,
I have to believe all paper work
has been filed (its almost a month later)
I think they are trying to get additional credit from honda
but I am not signing a blank check.

They will have to deal with it.
Oh and I got my purchase survey today.
now if i could just get my snowies
before we get another big snow
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