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Caliper leak!

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When buying this PP and doing the check out, I thought I noticed something a little strange. Both front wheels had a trace of something on the inside. I assumed maybe it had been driven through a pot hole and something splashed on the backing plates and dripped down. I always detail a new vehicle and when I pulled the wheels to wax inside and out, I cleaned off what looked like a small oily, dirty line. A hundred or so miles later, I noticed it had returned on the driver's side. Got worse, so pulled the wheel and then I could see the source. Got it in to a dealer and they replaced the whole caliper sub-assembly. Wanted to send it in for analysis.
I suspect why both front wheels showed the leak was that maybe the detailer at the dealership had pulled both front wheels when working on some water spots and got them swapped going back on.
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Good job that you noticed and had it repaired. Prolong brake fluid on the bodywork paint wouldhave been bad news.
I did lose some clearcoat on the inside of the wheel.
Considering asking the dealer where I took it for service to have it recoated.
They will probably think I'm nuts.
If the dealer does not address it and you don't need it to be perfect, do a DIY? You can buy a can of clearcoat in a spray can. Mask off the wheel for over-spray with tape and paper, prep/clean with alcohol or appropriate cleaner, then spray with clearcoat.
Yeh, I've done a little paint/clear coat work before.
From a lot of reviews, it looks like they have changed the formulas on it. Or the stock just sits on the shelf too long.
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