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Bumper Sag- what’s this part?

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Hello! New passport owner here. I have a 2019 Passport elite. There is a bit of damage to the rear unpainted number near the reverse light- not bothered too much by that- but the rear bumper on the drivers side also sags ever so slightly. I took my bumper off to take a look at the issue (and repair my kick sensor) to find this little black bracket that is a bit loose. It has white clips with a Philip’s head pattern and I’m not really sure what they are or how they work. Any help would be appreciated so I can get the bumper lifted back up.
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I'm guessing here: it looks similar to an interior trim clip. Back the screw out about three full turns, then carefully pry the clip out with a large flat screwdriver or get a trim removal tool ('looks like a 1/2" putty knife, with a slot in the middle) at the auto parts store.
Thanks Lou! I’ll take a look at it again. I tried backing it out but it kind of just click every quarter turn. I didn’t pry though because I didn’t really understand what I was dealing with and didn’t want to end up not being able to reinstall my number.
If those clips are loose - I would try to tighten them with a Phillips screwdriver. That might solve the “loose” problem and tighten up your sagging gap you speak of.
Well- it’s not really a screw (despite how it looks). It just kind of spins and spins.
That part is the left rear bumper spacer (number 10 in the picture attached), I'm not sure if its different in US but in Canada you cant buy the clips alone you have to buy the entire bracket which is $12.62 CAD
Oh nice! If it’s the same part number it showing up for like $6 USD. 🤞🏻
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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