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Bully vs Nomad ?

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Because of the lack of 5x120 bronze rims on the market I’ve narrowed it down two, the KMC Bully or Nomad both in bronze and 17”.

Anyone out there with these wheels in 17” (preferably bronze) would you mind posting a pic. Both wheels have a 38mm offset but because of the design difference I’m curious if they clear the brake pistons, I’ve seen some PP with the Bully so I’m assuming the don’t
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Sorry, no pix for you but at least with Discount Tire they can pull a wheel off and see if there are any clearance issues with either. Your fuel economy may take a hit with those tires. Going to be moving more weight (rotational mass). And I also believe KMC wheels are not light either.

Nevertheless, good luck!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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