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does anybody else have problems with brakes squealing on the passport touring? I brought to dealer and they said it’s because it’s sitting 8 hours or more which I don’t buy that crap!! Any suggestions would be helpful
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I’ve never had a brand new car do that ever and I’ve had many new cars. Just doesn’t make sense
If the noises go away after the first couple of applications of the brakes on the first drive of the day- I wouldn’t worry about it. My rotors are already rusting away on the hub near the wheel studs on a two month old 2021. It’s low grade inexpensive rotor material for sure.
Yea, the quality of materials used to build this one aren’t up to the same level as my first gen pilot I traded in either. But it does get 6-7 miles a gallon more with essentially the same motor.
My Passport is a far superior vehicle to that one. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and love to drive it.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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