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Hi folks,

Just picked up a Uniden R7 radar detector, and am looking into getting a Blendmount instead of using the suction cup mounts.

Has anyone installed one into their PP? And did you use the mirror tap? If so, how easy (or not) is it?


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Thank you, but please explain. Looking for the ground which I assume is #6. Which is the hot wire # that will go on and off with the ignition. Thanks
ground is #6 (brown), live/hot with ignition is #7 (tan) - checked with a meter before completing the install. Works fine - turns on when the car is turned on, off when it's not.
Mirror tap took all of 30 seconds after I identified the leads. Used a blendmount as well. Autodim works fine.

Mods to date:
  • Weathertech floors (front, rear, and cargo)
  • Mudflaps
  • Cupholder, organizer kit
  • Cargo Net
  • Console organizer
  • Touchscreen glass
  • Body side molding (NOT factory, but painted to match)
  • Matt racing stripe from hood to lip
  • Carbon fiber vinyl Honda logo on bumper stripe front
  • Carbon Fiber vinyl pillar wraps
  • Blacked out center caps on wheels + lugnut covers
  • OEM moonroof visor
  • LED EVERYTHNG (reverse, signals, vanity, dome + some extra under-seat lighting)
  • Yellow Lamin-X foglight film
  • Smoked front Badge (not interfering with Sense), markers and reverse lights, plus mirror indicators
  • A few reflector pieces here and there for good measure
  • Black Rear Lettering, Badge, and pipes (OEM + PlastiDip+ Glossifier)
  • Raptor style smoked/white grill lights (add a fuse to H/L LO)
  • Uniden R3 Radar (blendmount, mirror tapped)
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