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Black lug nut alternative

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I couldn't justify spending $150 on black lugs from Honda, and could not find appropriate aftermarket (didn't want to decrease to 19mm drive size). So I settled on these covers: US $1.91 40% OFF|NS Modify 20pcs 22mm Auto Hub Screw Cover Wheel Nut Bolt Cover Cap Protective Bolt Caps Wheel Nut Bolt Head Cover Cap For Buick|Nuts & Bolts| - AliExpress

On for 2 weeks so far, and no problems.

Initially, I didn't like the silver "ring" around each lugnut from the steel inserts in the rim, so I used a little brake caliper paint and filled it in so all black. Sorry for dirty picture.
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I used the rubber caps. Gloss black, lokk just fine.
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