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Black and some more black

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I know it’s nothing new or ground breaking, but the contrast the black insignia creates on the silver just looks right to me. I tinted the front emblem as well, but I’m thinking of removing it and putting a slightly lighter tint on it.
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Looks great!!! I just plasti dipped the rear Honda emblem it's beginning to peel off. I'll redo it again. Can I ask what brand tint you used for the front? Any issues with the sensor there?
I got a pre-cut off of the bay and it is ok, but I managed to make a little tear during install even though it was wet and I used a squeegee. Probably my fault. I am going to try Laminx 'Smoked' eventually and see what results that yields, because I find this one just a little too dark.

Definitely looks great. Wish I can do this myself but I'm not as handy with these type of things. I can turn a screw or bolt, but cant with paint and body.
Me neither, they're all just stickers basically. I didn't paint, I bought 😂

The hardest part was applying the tape for aligning the letters on the back.
So, is the "sticker" just a film, like one might find for DIY window tinting? Or is it a more substantial/durable thick plastic substrate?

It looks like the application process is very similar to film tinting with soapy water/squeegee.
I was referring more to the Honda insignia as stickers, but yeah, it's just window tinting film (wet application). I'm going to eventually try a thicker film (Laminx) to see how that looks. This film wasn't a 100% success.
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