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back up sensors

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I have a swing out hitch support for my cargo carrier so I can swing it away and open the hatch to let my dogs out during pit stops. Because of the weight of the swing out I leave it in sometimes for the days of our stay. I have an EX-L so no backup sensors. My question does anyone have/had one of these add-ons, (or any aftermarket sensor systems)
there is another one by Hitchmaster, more $$ but looks the same except the logo. Expensive but cheap? insurance with the swing out attached, maybe. Even with the camera I have lightly bumped it a few times.
Well thanks for any replies and hope everyone has a Safe, Happy New Year.....
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Not have seen this before, but I have had the front and rear sensors and cross traffic alert for the past 8 years and wouldn’t do without. So any aftermarket that seems this nice and easy is worth it to me. Years ago I almost backed up off of a ledge since I couldn‘t see behind my truck. If it wasn’t for the lights of another car, it would have been a disaster. The next day I bought a rear camera kit and will not be without some sort of assistance going forward.
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