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B127 Service

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Just paid $463 for a B127 service... 馃
Let's see...$80 for an oil change leaves near $400 to change 3 filters & inspect. Lake Elsinore Honda
What are you guys paying?
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Eh, I just did similar services myself for my youngest son, (made him help馃榿), on his and then his girlfriends car, oil, filter, tire rotation, cabin and engine air filters, etc.
It definitely took the better part of a Sunday afternoon but probably only cost him $100 give or take in parts.
I've got one of those electronic brake fluid testers, brake fluid was like only 1% moisture (desert climate), so no need to change yet but I also have a pneumatic brake fluid bleeder for when it needs changing.
There's an easy solution to all that. I got the extended warranty I don't pay anything $80,000 miles or 6 years. That's the best way to go.
It probably is the best solution for the majority. Working 18 years in my former career as an ASE certified mechanic I worked with some other very competent mechanics and many others who I wouldn't trust anywhere near my personal vehicles. Of course these days I'm older and there are things that are just beyond the scope of what I'm willing to tackle myself at home, but given the option I trust myself to do a job correctly more so than the dealer.
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