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Auto Wiper Sensor

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We had several days of heavy rain and it left one side of the car all sandy - so today I briefly hit it with the water hose.
All of a sudden the wipers swept the windshield clean.

Where is the sensor that detects water on the windshield? How does it work (optical?)?
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Wrascal. If you stand facing your PP. Notice the squarish black panel in the upper center of the windshield? It contains the sensor for the auto wipers and the camera for the ACC device.
So ... taking y'alls word for it, apparently it's an optical sensor.
I wonder what happens when a bug splatters directly upon its surface.

Thank you.
It would have to be a pretty big bug, I think, to disrupt the sensor and I hope Honda engineering took that into consideration during design. My fear is a cracked or broken windshield that requires replacement and with all the previous comments who had that happen to them and the necessary calibration to restore the devices in the glass sounded quite expensive.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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