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The start stop does not bother me much and works pretty much seamless. Exception is it's a little rough when engine is cold. When the vehicle is cold (first start of the day) I shut it off. Once things warm up I just leave it on. Pretty slick feature. Try as a will, I cannot move my foot from brake to go pedal quicker than the restart.

One thing I highly recommend is to set your Passport up with pigtail and keep it on a battery maintainer of some sort when parked for more than a few days. The parasitic draws on these modern vehicles are no joke. Even After 2 days setting in the driveway I'm at less than 75% battery charge. It takes overnight top get it over 75% at a 2 amp charge.

Good news is Honda has made it super duper convenient to disable. A single push switch right behind shift button to disable/enable. Time will tell if I get the bulletin.
You peaked my interest in this posting. "set your Passport up with pigtail". What does this look like? What did you install? What battery maintainer did you get?
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