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Auto everything (Elite)

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Let me know what I missed:

auto tranny
auto seat positioning
auto door locks/ unlocks
auto rain sensing wipers
auto on/off headlights
auto high/low beams
auto mirror dimming
auto on off engine
auto steering
auto braking
auto cruising
auto temperatures

Black Copper Pearl


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Auto mirror tilting downward when in reverse.
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I thought you were making a list of the automatic features on the Elite, not the usefulness of those features. :unsure:
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Unless the Mods slap me it's MY thread, I can mix it up if I want to. FEEL FREE TO DO THE SAME, all comments (valid or not) are welcome.
Just as I may mix it up with Canadian Blend; or maybe guns, dogs, and red heads.

Have fun! with it.
True, but in your post that opened this thread, you specifically asked if you had missed anything; I was simply answering that question. :rolleyes:
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1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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