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Auto everything (Elite)

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Let me know what I missed:

auto tranny
auto seat positioning
auto door locks/ unlocks
auto rain sensing wipers
auto on/off headlights
auto high/low beams
auto mirror dimming
auto on off engine
auto steering
auto braking
auto cruising
auto temperatures

Black Copper Pearl


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There are tons of auto features and decisions made for you. Most are unrefined and irritate me. Auto braking, auto cruise, auto brights, fob sensor, auto tailgate, and a long list of more features are badly implemented and fooled at the wrong times or clumsy. Still a good vehicle but could have been a great one. I end up disabling most of the garbage I can because it is not predictable and easy to use. Honda sensor programming sucks is what I find common with all the problems.

You can make the longest list you want but a list is just a list. A substantive evaluation of said features is more interesting.
I didn't see whatever the post said, but to be clear I was not commenting in any personal way or deliberately raining on any parades, I just responded regarding how I perceive the long list of automated features in actual value. Apologies if my response seemed coarse or offensive and please don't feel I'm attacking anyone. Maybe I was irritated because the auto braking system has slammed the brakes on me twice for no reason (plenty of distance ahead, I never tail gate) or because LKAS and ACC bounce around terribly and auto brights is not reliable.

I just find that with this vehicle, so many of the features are not implemented as well as I expect and this forum is one place I think people might relate or have other relevant info. If a feature is included, I expect it to be trouble free and intuitive. Honda sensing, or at least the generation of the technology on the Passport, is not trouble free or as intuitive as it could be. Easy comparison against other brands via test drives.

Anyway as you stated, this is a forum and we are all entitled to our respectful (if different) opinions. Carry on.
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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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