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Audio Setup

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Have been getting things set to my preferences. Getting presets on various stations, arranging icons in the order I want, and exploring the playback functions. I am liking the functionality and am amazed at how many things this system will perform. Now that I have basics it's time to move to CarPlay.
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Just got my 2020 Elite today! Loving it.
I have had very limited time to play with Audio but looked like the only real options were treble, mid, and bass. And a subwoofer setting? I felt like treble needed to be all the way up and bass about 3/4 and subwoofer about middle. Anything else seemed to bassy.

I am curious as to what everyones audio setup preferences are? Where do u set treble, mid, bass, sub etc...?
Thanks all for the reply’s. I listen to everything from Grateful Dead to Bluegrass so I too find myself constantly messing with the settings! Glad its not just me. Was hoping to find that perfect setup so I could just drive, hahaha!
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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