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Audio Setup

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Have been getting things set to my preferences. Getting presets on various stations, arranging icons in the order I want, and exploring the playback functions. I am liking the functionality and am amazed at how many things this system will perform. Now that I have basics it's time to move to CarPlay.
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The 550 watt system is probably the best stock audio I have heard in anything I have tested. I am somewhat of an audiophile. For me , this would be the only reason to step up to the touring trim. Sport and xle systems are ok but there is a difference.

If you test it, take your time to play with the audio settings to get it to your liking.

I listened to some Earth Wind and Fire while testing. Sounded excellent!

I also did not find it very difficult to learn the infotainment system.

Play suit and tie by timberlake. Not one of my normal songs but my kids like it. When the bass hit, it was awesome! Be sure to turn it up!
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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