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Audio OFF at Turning Off Car

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Hi, can anyone tell me if there's a way to have the audio turn off at car turn off ? The audio plays until I open my door. I know that it can be turned off by pressing the audio button but I was wondering if it can be turned off by just turning off the car ….Thanks !
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I don't think so. I tried finding this a while back. I'd also like for the lights to turn off when the car turns off but that's a no-go as well, unfortunately.
We just bought a Passport last night and was wondering the same exact thing. I have a '17 CR-V that has basically all the same controls and tech and it shuts off the stereo immediately when I push the engine off button. Wonder why Passport is different?
This is old, but has anyone found a way (setting or creative) to get the music to shut up when turning off the car yet (aside from pressing the audio off button first)? Driving my wife's car for the first time in a while and forgot how annoying it is. Thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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