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Audio Cable needed

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I have a Sirius radio that uses a docking station that I use on all my vehicles and motorcycle...I have docking stations on all my vehicles BUT I only have 1 radio that I use...On my 2018 Ridgeline it has a 3.5mm port that I can plug the Auxiliary cable in from my docking station into the RL audio system...I cannot find a matching 3.5mm port on my Passport EXL??? It has several small rectangle shaped ports that the book says can be used for inputs...DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THERE IS A CABLE THAT GOES FROM THE 3mm ROUND TO THESE RECTANGLE PORTS??? OR ANY OTHER WAY TO USE MY STAND ALONE RADIO OR iPOD??? THANK YOU
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On my Elite the USB port in the center console bin has a 3.5 mm AUX IN jack above it.
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