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Anyone add Roof Bars

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Just because they like the look?

The PP is so high it would be hard for me to put stuff up there, and

The PP has no so space inside, I'm sure it can handle all my camping gear without needing to put it up on top..

But I do think the Roof Bars do made it look a bit more rugged and less like a City SUV, so I wanted to see if anyone here bought them just in case they ever needed to put something up ther or even just for looks(?)

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80% for looks (cross bars and roof basket).


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Have the cross bars. Looks good and we will use our cargo box on the top.
I saw another Passport with them and thought they looked good, so I added them. I purchased a dining room table before I had them and it could’ve used it at the time......
Good purchase.......
We have the Roof Rails. You never know when you might need to lug something home that will not fit inside. We also like the way they look on the vehicle.
I like the look, which is why I had the Adventure Option C package (roof rails, crossbars, die cast running boards) installed on my EX-L AWD, but I also have a Thule box that I plan to use on occasion.
Just ordered a set over the weekend from College Hills Honda. Tracking states they should be a my door this Wednesday. Definitely think they give the PP a more rugged and complete look, roof rails alone just screams soccer Mom van to me. :oops:
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