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'Any hope for more aluminum/chrome?

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I'm seriously considering the Passport as my next vehicle after my current Grand Cherokee lease is up. (March 2021)
Why? Back seat legroom, for starters. Also, I loved my '15 Pilot.
Big factor in the decision process is: I really don't like all the black trim that car manufacturers are forcing upon us. Yes, I'm old. Anyhoo, the EX-L eliminates the black wheels. Check. Do we know if Honda has any plans to replace the black front end with chrome, or aluminum, or body-color, any time soon?
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We do not know Hondas' intentions.
We do know that Plasti-dip works wonders on colorizing things.
I looked at the Passport shortly after it hit the dealers - my initial reaction was its too big (which led me to purchasing a CRV).
After 8 months living with the V (an otherwise wonderful buggy) I decided I wanted/ needed more physical room.

Despite being seriously upside down on my V trade in I proceeded. Spending my kids (and grandkids) inheritance becomes easier each year.

Returning to the OP point - at one time I was bedazzled by chrome (the real stuff, not a film over plastic); nowadays its not important to me.
1967 Chevelle Malibu

I want pics of that lady (ragtop?).
this is an auto enthusiasts forum - so show your bimmer pics?
Unfortunately digital cameras (nor cell phones) didn't exist back then - so I must rely on "close" net pics.

These are NOT actual pics but only close pics; my fathers joy was a 58 Lincoln convertible and then a 76 Riveria convertible; both had their fair share of real chrome.
Note: he also approved of fast women and booze. RIP.

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Seriously, look into PlastiDip, avail in many colors. If you don't like it you can remove it (fairly easy).
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As old McDonald would exclaim -
E - I - E - Ohhhh. She is sure purty.
Earlier today I observed a Buick (maybe an Endeaver). It was quite similar in size/ style to our PP; it was very glitzed up with chrome.
Ohhhh, car porn that I can relate to.

True story here: my father (RIP) owned a Pontiac (Buick, Land Rover) dealership back then.

He had a brand new 64 Goat (in silver) but nobody wanted silver - so he sent it to the bodyshop; when it returned it was Burgundy - and sold. Pontiac advertised it at a buck a pound. The orange 69 Judge sold quickly - at more than a buck a pound.
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