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'Any hope for more aluminum/chrome?

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I'm seriously considering the Passport as my next vehicle after my current Grand Cherokee lease is up. (March 2021)
Why? Back seat legroom, for starters. Also, I loved my '15 Pilot.
Big factor in the decision process is: I really don't like all the black trim that car manufacturers are forcing upon us. Yes, I'm old. Anyhoo, the EX-L eliminates the black wheels. Check. Do we know if Honda has any plans to replace the black front end with chrome, or aluminum, or body-color, any time soon?
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I don’t think there is any info out there about a refresh at all yet. I’d rather have more of the front end painted than the all black. For chrome you’ll have to check out the GMC models as they are still using quite a bit of it. Loved my ‘14 Terrain. I think the new ones only come with turbo engines now though.
I actually used black plasti dip on my Si coupe to get rid of all the silver/chrome outlining the front windows and the small rear windows. Also, used it on a front chrome grill on another car to make it black. I’m sure you could do the opposite with silver etc
Matty... I'm guessing we're about 25 years apart in age. ;)
lol..early 40’s here. It seems chrome was somewhat popular in the 90’s but didn’t like it then either. Retired neighbor has a black SS Impala (a newer one) with big factory chrome rims and it’s definitely sharp, just not my style for an everyday. Now, if I could have say 4-5 cars, I may have room for some chrome.
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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