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Anti theft idea? Tell me what you think.

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So I was reading how easy it is to steel are Honda SUV and cars. Has any one tried hooking up an old school style kill switch to the passport? if yes how did you do it ? For any one who doesn't no what this is , it's a hidden switch that at hooked to the starter relay or some times to ecu or ignition, making the vehicle unable to start without having the switch on. Problem with the old style setups is that this would kill the autostart feature that my wife loves and put me in the dog house , so my idea is to use the brake pedal switch as the main cut off point. and put fake Honda switch to the blank spot left of the stearing wheel . So even if car thief was able to gane access to the car and reprogramed the ecu to accept a new key and start the passport they would not be able to get it into gear and drive away with it. I figure the longer it takes them to figure it out they would give up and leave. I haven't yet looked under the dash at the brake switch on the passport but older Honda's I have had, used a two wire switch to unlock the gear shift so I'm assuming it's the same . The switch would be most likely a fog light switch in the blank spot. It also has to be an on or off style switch. This just an idea and I'm not sure if it would work but chime in with you two cents
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I think modern Honda SUVs are only as easy to steal as every other SUV out there. Can thieves break in and steal stuff left in the car? Certainly. Can they drive the car away after breaking in? Not so easy if the car is locked because that also immobilizes the engine making it impossible to start or drive the vehicle without having access to specialist tools. And even with specialist tools the thieves will need several minutes to program a new key fob but tech savvy car thieves don't like being caught fiddling with vehicles in public places. The other theft scenario is the cloning of fob signals, that is easier to pull off but run of the mill criminals do not have the tech skills and the tools needed to achieve that objective, it takes more that a home made signal hijacker/repeater, outside that, fob signal hijacking/cloning is a problem that is industry wide so not unique to Honda. I note the OP is in Canada, there are several reports of Toyota SUVs that disappeared from where parked in Canada being placed inside a container and shipped to Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe after the fob signals were stolen and cloned.

With these in mind, Honda SUV owners do not need to install additional security tools, kill switches are for vehicles that thieves can quickly hot wire the ignition or start with a screwdriver in the ignition, the Passport cannot be easily hot wired. And if anyone is going to go as far as cloning your fob signal, there's very little you can do to stop the vehicle from being stolen.
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It's a modern car/fob signal hijacking problem, not a Honda problem. And Canada seems to lack competent export controls, you can't ship a vehicle out of the U.S. without the Title being verified as having no lien and issued in the name of the exporter.

"Malta Customs said on Thursday that officials, through their scanning equipment, intercepted:
  • five Ford F150,
  • a Ford F250,
  • two Lexus RX35,
  • two Jeep Gran Cherokee,
  • a Jeep Wrangler,
  • two Honda CRV,
  • a Chrysler,
  • a Chevrolet Taho,
  • two Dodge Dura
  • and a Range Rover.
They were hidden in ten 40-foot containers en-route to Abu Dhabi.
Police and the Canadian authorities have been informed about the find."

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"The total value of the vehicles seized in Italy is approximately $1.5 million dollars and the 10 vehicles seized in Canada were valued at over $300,000 dollars. The vehicles seized include Camaros, the Mercedes' GLC 4.3 AMG, an SUV, a Jeep Land Rover and others. "

It's not strictly an Honda problem.
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