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Hello Passport Forum members (and lurkers, of which I used to be one) . . .
I look forward to sharing in this forum.


Purchased on Leap-Year Day, February 29th, in beautiful Central Oregon. We stopped on the way home (to Portland area) to capture great evening lighting with Mt. Hood in background.

My history with Honda goes back to 1973 . . . my very first vehicle was a Honda . . . '73 XL250 MotoSport. Paid $833 . . . and still have it, too.

Bought my first n-e-w car back to 1979 . . . a CVCC . . . here a friend took a picture of me as I'm taking a picture of my soon-to-be-bride and my new car.

Yep, we enjoyed that silver roller-skate, which sporting Accord-option up-sized 13-in wheels/tires ?. Sold it in '86 to buy an Accord, as we were sporting two new babies and needed room. Then came the 2008 CR-V.

Fast forward to 2020 . . . she is still my bride, but now she's 'piloting' a Passport ?


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Welcome and congrats, nice to see your long history with Honda, love that bike...!
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